What CabanaCopa provides to you

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Free bed linens / Complimentary Breakfast/ Free drinkable water / Free luggage storage / Free maps and tourist information / Free high-speed internet, Wi-Fi / All the best tours & parties in town / 24hr security and no curfew / 24hr hot water / 24hr Check in

Book exchange / A/C and/or Ceiling fans / Big individual lockers / Friendly, helpful & multilingual staff / Cinema lounge with 52′ LCD Cable TV/DVD / Individual bedlights, powerplugs & bed curtains / Towels, hairdryers & ironing facilities available / Cool Sports bar with TVs/Music & open air patio / Games: backgammon, chess, checkers and cards & chips / Open air backyard with BBQ and view to nature & wildlife / Women only dorms with big lighted mirrors & makeup desk